Dear Clients,

Due to the Corona Virus striking of China, Wenzhou City, our hometown, as the city with second most patients, has been officially shut down.

By this tough moment, we Jianda Machinery have decided to do as per instruction of our Govenment Request. We will keep our company off until good news come out. So we can protect our workers and keep less troubling our doctors who fighting in front line. For our delay of delivery time, installation, and shipping. We are very very sorry!

Mean while we have received news from Expo Companies that the Chinese Big Expos coming next, which includes Canton Fair and Chinaplast, Will also be canceled or delayed until Virus Situation under control. If you have any plan of visiting those shows, Please let us know. We will inform you the latest news of expo as soon as we receive any news.

During the City lockdown Period, our sales department will help you at home. Our main equipment including: Extrusion Lamination Machines, Bubble Film Making Machines and Stretch Film Making Machines. You can still consult us whatever and whenever you wanna know. We will do our best to help you.

We Chinese are fighting this Corona War together and we will win! We believe the most beautiful rainbows are always shown after biggest rain.

In the end, on behalf of all our workers. We wish you happy new year and happy family~

Reporter: Mr Sam Lin(+86 13806532761)