When you drinking White Wine JIANGXIAOBAI in China, The Cap Gasket is made by our machines~

May March 2019, we received an request asking for a special lamination machine: It has to be 500mm width, economic model but the coating variation and shinny must be better than our high speed paper coating machine. To coat PE on EPE Foam and compound with Aluminum Foil. To make Cap Gasket and Labels etc…

Due to this product require very low for Tension and Winder Preciseness.

If we use traditional lamination machine, it will be too expensive for

those precise models or not precise for those cheap models. We have to

customize one model for this.


Before client finding us, they already consulted my other famous competitors. Non of them willing to spend time and recourse for such customize order. Their offering, either too expensive or not good enough to achieve client’s target. Then clients found us, and oppositely we were super excited that we have the chance to make sth we never done before. We called up our tech team and had a face to face meeting with our client, offered them a complete project report in just one day and offer them a safe way: Use our lab testing model to test first before we place the order. Clients happily send us our sample and in a week proved we are the best option. We took the order after then.

It happens that there is a similar case, meanwhile another client from another city found us doing this test and checked our project plan. They immediately realized we are doing the right way and immediately transfered us a deposite for another order. Within two month time, both machine from 0 to design to produce and to test. We build it and passed their test.

Now those machines are making big quantities of labels and cap gaskets selling to entire China. Clients gain a machine worth its value, we gain a huge happiness of studying and developing sth new~ This is my favorite Win-Win cases~

We are Jianda, we never run away from difficulties and enjoy solving them! Such thing, we have been proving over 34 years!


Reporter:Sam Lin

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