By April 2018, during China Plast Epo, we had the honor to meet one foreign client. Before expo we already had many discussion regarding our double side Extrusion Lamination Machine. We plan to make sure of all details during expo and meanwhile show client our factory where we will sign the contract.

Due to big expo investing cost we can’t allow us to leave too long, and client is short of time also in China. After our first meeting, we both agreed for a factory visiting in the night and back before dawn. It took us 3 hours driving in dark night and both of us shown very tired in the face, but after seeing our factory, seeing our special customized models, client realized our great skill of customization. He became very excited and show us his future plan, asking if we can make all product in just one machine, so that he can save his investing cost as well. We urgently called up for meeting, waked up our tech team and purchase manager, to make up the project report and calculate the cost for client. My boss spend entire night in discussion and driving with us. In the end, we made up the plan and signed contract before day light.

That night me and my client we don’t wanna waste time for dinner eating, we two like two idiots who tracing dreams, discussion and argued for entire night. Next day he went back hotel with head shaking, me and my boss rush to stall with aching lumbus. But both of us has a great expect of this new project!

How ever, after expo over and finally have time to sit and discuss the details of this order making, we realized we have missed many details of this paper lamination machine, which must due to our tired discussion that night. The contract model we signed, can’t make as our clients demand. Even if we can, this machine cost will be far higher than the contract value. A wise way would be give up this project or convince client back to the original plan. To the contrary, after meeting, we all agree we can’t fail a dreamers’ wish neither we can fail our promise. Our final decision: This is not about making money, if money can fix this, then its not a problem!

My entire team got motivated, tech team made out the drawings which we can make first, and gave order. Purchasing manager travel out looking for best suppliers of those customized parts. My boss went disappeared for two weeks for studying the solution and in the end, spend a hell lot money bought a drawing that we believe is the solution. Me as a sales, kept informing clients the machine details and progress.

After 3 month hard work, machine modified for over 27 times, this

machine old plan 27Tons, 15Meters length,shown up by weight 47 Tons,

22Meter length. A real monster in our workshop. When client come for trial, he admit he was worried for entire three month because the old contract model base is too low and too cheap for his request. He afraid that we will give a much cheaper machine which is logical. But we gave him a real one just as he expected! And frankly far coster than the contract machine. He shown his appreciation immediately even before we start the trial. And we told him this isn’t over yet, so please thank us later~

To make sure our plan works, we do not just test machine movement and programming, we put material and paper for real trial work. After great amount of wasting and hard work of our engineer. Client helped us find out 17 points of machine parts that need to be modified again. After another two weeks modification and third time trial. Finally this is done and we proudly informed client his machine is ready to make money for him!

Video for your reference:

Now this monster is already working well in clients’ factory. We full filled 99% of clients’ wish, there are still some after sale services required but are all because of not familiar with new machine or some consumptional spare parts brken. We have gained another precious friendship and most important of all, another enjoyment of studying and developing.

I must admit I’m still blaming myself for my mistake and all the troubles I brought for my entire company. But as my guilt, I’m super proud of my company, who can keep clients in first priority when having difficulties, who care more reputation than profits. This is the company I can work with! This is the company I believe and develop into next level!

Reporter:Mr Sam Lin

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