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1000mm super speed stretch film extruder

Product description

Machine brief decription

The multi-layer co-extrusion high speed stretch film making machine is mainly used for the production of PE Stretch Film. It is developed successfully according to the characteristics of similar products at home and abroad and the actual production line speed reaches 250m/min. The machine consists of extrusion unit, traction, trimming, finished product double-station automatic roll change, electrical appliances and other major components and the die head is JC-times brand, which can ensure uniformity, achieve only one-sided sticky effect and avoid the waste of glue.

The machine can be used in different formulations such as LDPE and LLDPE, product widely used in packaging of construction material, friction fittings, barrel film, barrel paper and hardware fittings.


  1. Generally speaking, the more layersfilm, the stronger and better stretching ability. This model uses three screw  extruder, to produce 7 layers of stretch
  2. The equipment can provide a stable working speed of more than 250M/min. Because of the use of Japanese NSK brand bearingsand the thickening of machine framework, the weight of the whole machine can reach 25 tons, which can guarantee the the stability and low noise of the machine in high speed operation.
  3. The operation of the whole machine is controlled by touch screen control computerand the rolling mechanism adopts a microcomputer programmable controller (PLC) to reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency.
  4. The ranges of wrapping films can be customized according to customer requirements. The width of the film can be customized by 1m-1.5m, and the number of layers can be customized by 3-7 layers to meet the needs of different markets.
  5. Machine has Trimming Wastage Online Recycle System, which can help customers save production costs. Thisprocess does not require manual operation.
  6. Online thickness gaugeis equipped to monitor the thickness of the wrapping film. Once the thickness deviation occurs, the worker can visually see and adjust the die head to effectively avoid waste product
  7. In order to avoid5% of the temperature error that traditional models had, this ultra-high-speed model adopts central modular temperature control, which can achieve 100% accurate temperature control and meet the requirements of ultra-high-speed production.

Parameter table update

Model JDCPE120/80/70-1000
Screw Dia Φ120mm+Φ80mm+Φ70mm
L/D 33:1
Film Width 1000mm(500×2 rolls)
Thickness 0.01-0.03mm
Design Line Speed 350m/min
Extrusion Capacity 400kg/h
Main Motor 110kW+45kW+30kW
Total Power 360kW
Overal Demension 7290mm×5650mm×4000mm
Weight 25000kg
Power Supply 380V/3P/4L/50Hz

Note: Due to the continuous improvement of the products, the appearance and technical parameter subject to change without notice. Meanwhile, we can customize machines of different levels of specification for customers.




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