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Paper Extrusion Laminating machine can do Paper coating with PE in high speed process. Products widely used in Paper bags, Paper cups, paper boxes etc…


  • In order to ensure machine stableness, we use our own Machine Center to Produce Machine rack and thicken its thickness with double weight. After weighting process machine is 30% heavier than tradition models. Can run without shaking even high speed running.
  • According to different clients we have different models to satisfy clients’ requests of different Lamination thickness, base materials, coating arts, automatics etc…
  • And we provide optional functions such as:
  1. Turrent Un-Winder for low gsm paper,Ground Un-Winder for High gsm paper;
  2. Taiwan GMA T-Die for super eveness requirement;
  3. For paper with Aluminum Foil,Turrent Winder for protection of foil surface;
  4. And more……

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