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Tadzhikistan And Algeria

They purchased the first plastic cup production line in February 2010, the second plastic cup making machinein 2013 and the second production line in September.

November 2011


Production line of 660B plastic cup making machine

This small plastic cup has a story about Jianda’s credit and service.

This Algerian customer bought one of our plastic cup production lines. Due to the misunderstanding in the early communication, the final die did not meet customers’ demand and the customer was not satisfied. We made modifications to the die and arranged for delivery for the first time. However, we found that the modified mold was still unable to meet customer requirements. Considering credit first principle, we decided to reproduce the molds and deliver them to our customers at our expense. The cost of this modification and reproduction accounted for 2/3 of the total value of the device.

In the end, the die we re-produced met customer’s requirement and our responsible attitude completely refreshed the customer’s view of us. Later, this customer not only offered to become the exclusive agent in Algeria, but also we almost occupied the Algerian market since then. It is probably that 80% of the coffee cup in your hand may come from the equipment of Jianda Company if you have an chance to go to Algeria and have a cup of coffee.


Project time:2010
Country: Columbia
Products purchased: high-speed stretch film machine
Industry: Production line of 660B plastic cup making machine