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To Inform All Our Clients:

Dear Clients, Due to the Corona Virus striking of China, Wenzhou City, our hometown, as the city with second most patients, has been officially shut down. By this tough moment, we Jianda Machinery have decided to do as per instruction …
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2019 German K-Show-Still Bugging by Plastic Ban? Invest your future!

  We will be attending K-Show at October 16th to 23rd in German. Our Booth:8BF11-01 German Weather:7-15℃,and still in reducing, please keep yourself warm in preparing luggage. Our Exhibiting Machine:JDLM-300 PLA Extrusion Lamination Machine Lab Model About Plastic Ban: In January 2018, the …
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Invitation for 15th China Machinery and Electronic Brand Show

Expo Name:15th China Machinery and Electronic Brand Show Held by:Ministry of Commerce of China Show Time:15th August to 17th August 2019 Expo City:Manila ,Philippines Our Hall:SMX CONVENTION CENTER HALL4 Our Booth:503 Attender:CEO,Mr Zheng Mobile:+86 13806535284   This show we will not show …
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Jianda Lamination Machine Introduction——-Model B

Model B Type Extrusion Laminating Machine,Market also calls as Generation 2 model. Have feature of Mechanical Speed 210M/Min, Coating Speed 180M/Min, full automatic, high efficiency etc…Mainly used for Paper Lamination with PE, or Double Side coating etc…For making products of Paper cups, Paper Box, …
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Jianda Lamination Machine Introduction——-Model A

Model A Type Extrusion Laminating Machine,Market also calls as Generation 1 model. Have feature of Mechanical Speed 150M/Min, Coating Speed 80-120M/Min, Economic etc…Mainly used for Nonwoven Lamination and Compounding, Woven Lamination and Compounding, Baby Game Pad making, Low request Paper …
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Air Bubble Mailer Bag Request for Bubble Film Making

Air Bubble Mailer bag, starting famous by 2015, due to its high profit,cheap production cost and easy manufacturing. Remain one of the top investing product even in 2019. We Zhejiang Jianda Machinery Co.,Ltd. As a long history factory of 34 …
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Extrusion Lamination Machine Maintenance and Matters need Attention

Regarding Maintenance: 1-Filter Maintenance: Net Change:Virgin Material 5-7 days/change. Recycle Material 1 day/change. Filter Net:80 & 100 Mesh each 1 pc. Or 80 & 120 Mesh each 1 pc. 2-Gear Box Maintenance: Every half year need to change hydraulic oil. Oil: High temperature gear …
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PLA  Lamination Machine, Project Suggestion!

Ever since we successfully developed PLA Lamination Machine technology, and become China lowest gsm coating company with least thickness variation. We never satisfied what we accomplished, but keep searching for new ideas and gather our clients’ feed back of ideas and …
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